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Speaking House™

The Speaking House™ is an automated call capture/referral generation/advertising tracking system that provides FREE RECORDED INFORMATION on homes for sale, or any form of print advertisements, 24/7. Most shoppers are more inclined to call for free recorded information, than to call and talk with a live realtor or salesperson. The Speaking House provides consumers with a non-threatening alternative for gathering information, initially, about a particular home or print advertisement.

Unlike a flyer in a flyer box which does not provide any feedback or tracking information, within a few minutes after a call is made into our central phone number, an email notification containing the appropriate code number, date and time, as well as the name and phone number of the caller, is sent automatically to the realtor or any other desired party. Up to 6 different notifications may be sent out per call.

Equally important, since the caller has made an inquiry it is now legal to call them back under FCC Do-Not-Call restrictions! Additional benefits include: automated fax-on-demand capability which eliminates the need for flyers in the flyer box, built-in advertising tracking, direct one button transfer to two different phone numbers, helps turn one listing into multiple referrals, and 24/7 automatic operation to help prevent lost sales opportunities.

MacDaniels Signs has been the sole provider of the Speaking House rider signs for the past few years. For more details, or subscription sign-up go to http://www.speakinghouse.com.

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